I love the colours and the hand is beautiful. From the very small skein I spun the softness is perfect. I think it will make lovely all-purpose yarn for sweaters and accessories. The colour variations will be enchanting in a sweater. I’m already imagining what that might look like.

NM, her follow up note after receiving her new fleece in the mail

SOLD OUT of lamb for 2022. Thank you for supporting local!

Our particular challenge with COVID 19 has been the cancellation of vending opportunities. Wool fleece, roving, millspun yarn and sheepskin rugs are for sale at all times through the web site. See related pages that are of interest to you and send an email. Thank you!

Farm visits are welcome by appointment. We have successfully shipped across Canada via Canada Post.

Be well! Thank you for being kind.

Kinnaird Farm is located in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, along the St. Lawrence Seaway.  We produce healthy grass fed lamb meat;  luscious wool fibre; and snuggly sheepskin rugs.  In addition, we keep free range hens.

We have active livestock guardian animals and utilize electric fencing. To control for the spread of disease to or from our farm, all visits must be by appointment only.
Risks include: electric shock and fence entanglement; dog bites, scratches, sniffing, jumping, body-checking, etc.; pawing and jumping bottle lambs; snorting and spitting llama; ear offenses such as barking, snarling, loud baa-ing, etc.  

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