Homegrown fleece ready for you to prep for your fibre needs. More photos can be provided. Shipping is available via Canada Post.

BFL=Blue Faced Leicester; NCC=North Country Cheviot

Note 3-year old grand-daughter at edge of photo 🙂

Frosty has black roots to her fibre and as she gets older she is more grey

Ginger’s fleece is so crimpy and delicious!
This is Lady’s first fleece! Lots of BFL and Romney in this fleece.
Lavender’s fleece is a grey with a lavender hew. Divine!
This fleece from Nutmeg is her second year or “hogget” fleece. I have heard it said that a hogget fleece is better than a yearling fleece. Either way, this fleece from Nutmeg is lovely in colour and crimp!
Petunia is a puff ball! It is so lovely and fluffy. She is 3/4 Leicester.
I have a lot of leg in this photo! Star’s fleece is black at the root and brown and grey on top.

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