TN was advised by an Occupational Therapist to obtain a sheepskin rug as hot spots were developing due to extended periods of time in a wheelchair.  TN reported back to me that within two days the hot spots had cleared up!
JK reported:  Just a quick note to say I’m enjoying the sheep skin. It moves with me from my office chair to my sofa to watch TV every day. Only trick is to keep my golden doodle dog away from it 😉
Sheepskin rugs are a by-product of lamb production.  Normally hides are disposed of, however, I choose to retrieve them from the abattoir and send them to a tannery.  It is a labour intensive and costly process with excellent results.
We pay extra to have them treated so they are machine washable.  I recommend putting your rug in the dryer on NO HEAT with dryer balls to loosen any dirt that collects in the fibre.  When really dirty and ready for a wash, put it in the machine on GENTLE with COLD water.  Lay flat to dry.
Over time wool will matt and felt.  With gentle care this process will take longer.  Avoid friction and agitation; and heat, as these contribute to felting.
Our sheepskin rugs are one-of-a-kind, homegrown in Ontario.  No two are alike.

There are many uses and benefits of sheepskin rugs:
  • Wool regulates body temperature. The wool keeps a pocket of air close to your body, while wicking away excess heat and moisture.
  • Wool Thermo-Regulates and is remarkably comfortable in all seasons. In the winter it warms you without overheating or causing ‘clamminess’. Conversely, in warmer seasons, it actually helps to keep you cool by wicking moisture away from your skin.
  • Wool is a natural fire retardant, and cannot allow a static shock to be transmitted, a particular benefit for using with babies.
  • Wool is also known to have a natural antimicrobial effect. In years past hospitals or infirmaries actually hung a bag of lanolin – found in sheep wool – in the rooms to cut down on the transmission or spread of infections.
  • Wool is environmentally friendly. It is a naturally occurring resource and relies on very little energy to be refined into a usable product.
  • Studies show that people sleeping with wool bedding have a lower heart rate, less sleep disturbance, and increased duration of beneficial REM sleep.
Our Granddaughter loves her sheepskin rug.  She really likes the texture, and of course it is protection from the floor for her tiny tender body.

I have been sleeping on a sheepskin rug for several years now.  It relieves my hip joint pain and discomfort.

There are subtle colour variations in these natural white rugs, varying from a very white fibre to a golden hue.

The coloured rugs are delicious!  Each is so very unique.

This next photo is a goatskin.  I have two like this.  The colouring is so nice!

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