Sheepskin rugs are a by-product of lamb production.  Normally hides are disposed of, however, I choose to retrieve them from the abattoir and send them to a tannery.  It is a labour intensive and costly process with excellent results.  Our sheepskin rugs are one-of-a-kind, homegrown in Ontario.  No two are alike.

There are many uses and benefits of sheepskin rugs:
  • Wool regulates body temperature. The wool keeps a pocket of air close to your body, while wicking away excess heat and moisture.
  • Wool Thermo-Regulates and is remarkably comfortable in all seasons. In the winter it warms you without overheating or causing ‘clamminess’. Conversely, in warmer seasons, it actually helps to keep you cool by wicking moisture away from your skin.
  • Wool is a natural fire retardant, and cannot allow a static shock to be transmitted, a particular benefit for using with babies.
  • Wool is also known to have a natural antimicrobial effect. In years past hospitals or infirmaries actually hung a bag of lanolin – found in sheep wool – in the rooms to cut down on the transmission or spread of infections.
  • Wool is environmentally friendly. It is a naturally occurring resource and relies on very little energy to be refined into a usable product.
  • Studies show that people sleeping with wool bedding have a lower heart rate, less sleep disturbance, and increased duration of beneficial REM sleep.
An inviting mix of rugs of varying colours and textures, the coloured hides are beautifully described as “grizzly bear” in colour; they are scrumptious.

This pile is white, but notice that some are very white while others are more caramel, as nature dictated.

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