Current fibre available includes:
Yarn, mill spun, 2-ply, fine 100% Kinnaird Farm wool in 100 gram skeins
Charcoal“, a 50 – 50 mix of wool and alpaca roving.  It is quite soft.

Champagne” is also a 50 – 50 wool – alpaca mix.  The wool is white while the alpaca is a fawn colour.  The final result reflects the richness of Champagne in colour and feel.

“Silver”  is a wool roving created from two lovely fleeces.  Stunningly soft, the gray is a lovely silver.

Henrietta” is our guardian llama who lives with the sheep.  She thinks she’s a princess and her fibre reflects that as it is quite soft.  She is black and white and sometimes referred to as our Holstein llama.  Washed, dehaired and carded, the fibre result is a steel grey colour.

“Fleece” I usually have a few fleeces available, by the half or whole fleece, sold by weight.  The price varies with the quality of the fleece.

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