Priced at fifteen cents per gram and up.  Email for details

Auburn“, a 50 – 50 mix of wool and alpaca roving.  What a YUMMY colour!

Mocha“, a 50 – 50 mix of wool and alpaca roving

Wool” – 100% wool Blue Faced Leicester mix – SOLD OUT

Charcoal“, a 50 – 50 mix of wool and alpaca roving.  It is quite soft.

Champagne” is also a 50 – 50 wool – alpaca mix.  The wool is white while the alpaca is a fawn colour.  The final result reflects the richness of Champagne in colour and feel.

“Silver”  is a wool roving created from two lovely fleeces.  Stunningly soft, the gray is a lovely silver.

Henrietta” is our guardian llama who lives with the sheep.  She thinks she’s a princess and her fibre reflects that as it is quite soft.  She is black and white and sometimes referred to as our Holstein llama.  Washed, dehaired and carded, the fibre result is a steel grey colour.



I usually have a few fleeces available. The price varies with the quality of the fibre.  Shipping is available at your cost.

SOLD with THANKS to TP: DRAGON the ram is Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) and Romney. The fibre is very crimpy.
CALLY has some crimp in her locks, decent length and density too as a result of breeding that includes BFL and Rideau Arcott, with a bit of Suffolk
PEANUT has a long fleece with good crimp; a mix of Suffolk and Rideau Arcott

SOLD & shipped to Montreal, THANK YOU NAM – FROSTY is multi-coloured, a cross of North Country Cheviot and Blue Faced Leicester-Romney-Rideau Arcott
SOLD & shipped to Montreal, THANK YOU NAM – BLACKIE has as lovely dark fleece, a mix of Blue Faced Leicester, Romney and North Country Cheviot breeds
STAR’s fleece remains dark with brown tips. The breeding is a mix of Blue Faced Leicester, Romney, Corriedale and Rideau Arcott.
COOKIE is a sweet sheep with a sweet fleece too. Nice locks are due to BFL and Rideau Arcott breeding
MARIGOLD – Love this fleece; a solid 3 inches plus in length, great crimp and dense.
PETUNIA is three-quarters Border Leicester and this is her first fleece. It is scrumptious!
PEARL has a lot of fluff! A lovely mix from Border Leicester, Romney, Corriedale plus North Country Cheviot. This is a second year or hogget fleece which some say is the BEST!
DUCHESS has a fine fleece, indeed; great length and crimp; BFL with Rideau Arcott
BIG BERTHA has a nice fleece too; BFL and Rideau Arcott breeds
DEE DEE has lots of volume to her fleece at this weight. There’s crimp and length. BLF and Rideau Arcott breeding.
SOLD & shipped to Ottawa, THANK YOU LTS – LOLLIPOP’s first fleece is YUMMY indeed! The Border Leicester and Blue Faced Leicester shine, along with some Rideau Arcott breeding.


Mill spun, 2-ply, fine 100% Kinnaird Farm wool in 100 gram skeins


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